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Many entrepreneurs feel consumed by the running of their business, overwhelmed with their creativity and passion. As a result, their business is running them, draining them of their passion, energy and balanced life... making them feel stressed and unhappy.

The Entrepreneurs' Club is dedicated to support you handle your challenges, whatever they are... as well as the emotions that go with these. Programme: 12 key strategies - 12 months training - a profitable and enjoyable business guaranteed.

1) Compelling vision
2) Mission and values
3) Planning and strategies
4) Business Skills
5) Performance review
6) Support team

7) Presentation skills
8) Surprising your customers
9) Marketing
10) Finances
11) Work-life balance
12) This one is yours!

Now, any Olympic Athlete is training hard to eventually succeed, take the podium and receive their Olympic medal. Here at the Entrepreneurs' Club, you already deserve a medal for stepping out of your comfort zone and being ready to take actions. So, pick your medal NOW. It is up to you to keep it.

:: The Entrepreneurs' Bronze Membership

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A virtual programme to set and get your goals

:: The Entrepreneurs' Silver Membership

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A pre-set workout for maximum accountability

:: The Entrepreneurs' Gold Gym Membership

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A self-made workout for total flexibility

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"Very clear, open-minded and genuine (...) Geraldine helped me clarify my ideas and bring them into reality. I first felt that she hadn't done anything and wondered if it was a waste of time, but then I realized that this was the mark of an excellent coach. My own ideas began to flow better and new possibilities open to me, all this without seemingly doing anything!"

Thank you - Toby Jacobs,, UK



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