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You are an entrepreneur / entrepreneurial business. Whether you want to achieve more, better, quicker, or whether you are facing challenges in your business and in the way you or others are approaching things - you are at the right place to find support and guidance. As Seth Godin, bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change, said: "You don't win an Olympic gold medal with a few weeks of intensive training".

It is well recognised that coaching sports professional does prove to be effective. However, it is not because you are a top athlete that you will be a great coach, and vice and versa. Look at Andre Agassi's coach: he cannot play tennis to Andre Agassi's level and yet he plays a vital role in improving Agassi's game. It took Andre Agassi time and work to become an overnight success, overlooked by his coach.

Although you may not be playing the game of tennis, you are playing the game of entrepreneurship. The same principles applying, coaching is now being widely used within the business environment. Literally speaking, coaching means to transport someone from one place to another. So, instead of dwelling where you are, what about thinking where you want to be and take action to get there? Hire a coach to help you improve your already good performance.

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Thank you - Simon Bailey, Managing Director, Bateaux, London.


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