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I am Géraldine Morel.

It is an honour to work with you as a friend, partner, colleague - whatever my clients like to call me, I support them (and you) in their continuous and prosperous business and life development.

My style: The relationship between my clients and me is a real bond, a true partnership that allows total honesty, integrity and transparency from both parties. My clients describe me as being warm, inspiring, enthusiastic, challenging, humorous and spontaneous. My French origins and personal style, together with my dynamic personality compose my pledge and promise fun and value.

My background: I graduated with a double degree in International Business Administration in France and Spain, and gained professional experience in Trading, Sales, Purchasing and Mass Distribution in Colombia, France, Spain and the UK. Approximately two and a half years ago, I re-evaluated my career goals towards my passion for people's success and happiness. I decided to become a coach and trained and qualified as an Image Consultant with Aston-Hayes in London, and enrolled with Coach University in the USA. I am a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA) and I am currently working towards my coaching graduation and certification.

My approach: I constantly train and refine my skills to fully support my clients' needs and to further my own personal development. I see myself as a guide who listens and provides practical tools, to help people realize and fulfil what they are truly aiming for in life and business. The best reward for me is to know that I have made a positive difference in peoples' life.

Geraldine Morel

"I was at a key crossroad of my professional and personal life. Thanks to her sense of analysis, her sensitivity as well as her drive, Geraldine challenged me to ask myself the right questions, and realize where my priorities and interests were, all without influencing my decisions. A real chance we met!"

Thank you - MG, Hotelier, Paris, France.


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