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You are:
A company with 2 to 3 years of track record within the service industry, probably within the B2B sector. A team of great individuals working together both for the success of the business and everyone. And... you believe that however successful your services are, what sets you apart is your human capital.

Among other things, you want to boost:

  • Individual and business performance and productivity
  • Your employees' job satisfaction
  • Relationships and teamwork
  • The quality of your services

My main clients are:
Corporate: NHS, Chartered Institute of Marketing, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Junior Chamber of Commerce for London, Bateaux London, Plaisirs de France UK, Prevista, on a project with Insead Paris.

Private: from a broad variety of industries and roles, such as Banking, Catering, Tourism, Office Services, Creative, Music Publishing, Events Management, Building Services, Risk Management, Interior Design, Office Manager, Marketing, Trading, Sales, etc.

Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs like you! Contact me to discuss your requirements: we will tailor a perfectly fitting coaching package that suits your needs, objectives, style and budget. Email me or directly book a session.


"Geraldine helped me tremendously in realizing and shaping my potentials and entrepreneurial ideas. She is very genuine and proved to be a great listener with a keen sense for what lies beneath the obvious. A remarkable person and great human being."

Thank you - RJ, Creative Industry Entrepreneur, UK.


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